Award-Winning Mediterranean Food In Del mar & La Jolla

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Food is crafted from the soul. Sharing each creation is sharing a piece of me with our amazing guests. When you visit Beeside Balcony, I want you to feel at home. I want you to become part of the buzz.


We strive to connect you to the hills of France, the coast of the Black Sea, and the soul of Northern San Diego through an expertly crafted dining experience.

We embrace sustainability, and it reflects in our practices. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by supporting local farmers, reducing waste, and making responsible choices in sourcing our ingredients. We believe in giving back to the community that nurtures us, and we are actively involved in local initiatives and charities.

1201 Camino Del Mar Suite 200

Del Mar, CA 92104

Monday-Friday: 11:00a-9p
Saturday-Sunday: 10a-9p
Happy Hour: Everyday 3p-6p

Call Us(858) 481-9889

1025 Prospect St STE 250

La Jolla, CA 92037

Monday-Sunday: 11a-10p
Happy Hour: Everyday 3p-6p

The Honey Pot Lounge: Everyday 4p-10p

Call Us(858) 833-0471

See What The Buzz
Is About

Winner of multiple awards, Chef-Owner Christophe Cevasco “jazzes” up coastal dining. Focused on the concept of, “Flip-flop fine dining,” Beeside Balcony offers patrons an exceptional fine dining experience without the coat and tie.

A Passion For Honey. Locally Sourced From Beeside Balcony’s Honey Farms

Located in Northern San Diego, Beeside Balcony Sources all of its local wild flower honey hives on their property. Take the journey with CBS 8 San Diego as they help Chef Christophe with the first harvest of the season.


Group Bookings

With locations in Del Mar Village and La Jolla, CA – Beeside Balcony offers guests coastal views buzzing with a flavor-packed dining experience. Contact us today to set up your next event with Beeside Balcony.